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Colour Coded

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May. 30th, 2015 | 10:04 am

Title: Colour Coded
Authors: iantojjackh & timelordshines
Rating: S for smutty
Characters: Team Torchwood
Summary: Just another calm day in Torchwood
Disclaimer: Not ours just borrowing
Notes: Written for tw100 challenge: Green. Alcohol might have played a role in the content of this drabble.

Colour Coded

Ianto slammed his fist down on the conference table.

"Ok. Who messed up my colour coding system?"

"What are you talking about?" Gwen asked in her innocent voice.

"Jack has two penises. While he's enjoying it immensely..."

"You're enjoying it more," Jack smirked.

The look Ianto gave him said he'd be drinking decaf for a week.

"You moved the gold cock ring to the green section?"

"I accidentally knocked it off the shelf. I thought it was one of your toys."

Ianto turned his quiet fury on her wide-eyed expression.

"Never put anything in green. Only I decide if something's safe."

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Comments {4}


(no subject)

from: owensheart
date: May. 30th, 2015 10:06 am (UTC)

OOH someone's in trouble LOL. Gwen is now in Iantos bad books and that's somewhere you DONT want to be.

great drabble

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(no subject)

from: badly_knitted
date: May. 30th, 2015 11:20 am (UTC)

Methinks Ianto is protesting too much. And walking funny ;)

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(no subject)

from: too_beauty
date: Jun. 1st, 2015 04:14 am (UTC)

oh oh she'd better start running! LOL

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It All Comes Back to the Breath

(no subject)

from: jo02
date: Jun. 1st, 2015 11:03 am (UTC)

... two penises? .... may I have a diagram please :)

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