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Title: Secrets
Rating: PG+ Maybe a little more than PG but not near NC-17
Note: Written for the Secrets prompt at comment_fic prompt  Lisa wasn't the only thing Ianto brought to Cardiff from London, but now he trusts Jack with the truth.
Spoilers: None. I think.


Ianto had avoided Jack all day, which was no easy feat considering the immortal man’s penchant for watching his sexy Welshman on the CCTV during the day. There were a few blind spots that he was sure Jack did not know about or else he would have pounced hours ago. He thought he could trust Jack with the secret revealed within the walls of their bedroom last night, but now he regretted letting his guard down.

The sing-song voice of the hub leader filled the coms every couple of minutes, “Iantoooo. Ianto. Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

The rest of the team assumed there had been a lover’s spat and stayed clear of both men. The two men had left together last night and when Tosh came in the morning Ianto was already working and he disappeared in a flash when Jack was the last to arrive.

Owen was the first to speak up, “Fifty quid that tea-boy kills Jack by the end of the day.” Silently, he added that he would if Jack did not stop calling Ianto out.

“Owen,” Tosh admonished.

“I’m ready to hunt Ianto down myself and drag him to Jack’s office so they can kiss and make up,” Gwen added. “Seriously, where can Ianto be hiding that Jack can’t find him?”

“He has his places,” Tosh looked up from her computer. She was not about to give up the best hiding spots in the hub especially when she used them when needed.

Jack bounded down the stairs, taking two at a time. “Have any of you seen Ianto?” he clutched a blue velvet bound book in his arms, protecting it as if his life depended on it. Hidden to everyone else was a tattered manuscript inside the jacket of the book. 

“Tosh knows where he is hiding,” Owen sang like a bird.

If looks could kill, Owen would be dead a million times over. A pen flew across the room, hitting the medic in the head. “I don’t know where Ianto is.” The quiet woman noticed the book Jack was holding, “Is that Glacial Nights, Inferno Days by Joani Stone,” Tosh flushed a deep bright red almost embarrassed that she had admitted to reading such an erotic novel.

The book had been a major hit several years ago when it captured the imagination of women around the world, many secretly wishing to live out some of the more graphic scenes from the book. Not many acted on their wishes, but banished them to their minds to live out as dark fantasies. 

“Oh, I read that a couple of years ago,” Gwen piped in. “It made the rounds of the station. I don’t any women who has not read it. I asked Rhys to try some stuff." Her cheeks were now red too, but stopped from divulging more by a glare from Owen.

"That is a little too much information. I heard about the book. Is that why you are looking for tea-boy? To experiment? I think some of that stuff is beyond what he is willing to try and that is saying a lot," Owen gagged at the mental images. "I found Ianto's diary last week and you two are sick fucks. You corrupted an innocent boy." Coming from Owen that was either a compliment or an insult depending how it was taken. "I was this close to taking Retcon. Even I felt the urge to have a smoke..." Owen froze mid-sentence when he saw the cold steely glare from Ianto who appeared almost out of thin air. The archivist was angrier than anyone had seen him before and Owen was sure the Welshman was about pull out some ninja-like moves or there would be poison in his coffee in the morning. Or maybe both.

Ianto had heard the entire conversation over the com system and needed to put an end to it once and for all. His blue eyes were a storm of emotion as they narrowed to slits with their gaze locked onto one Jack Harkness. He swiftly yanked the book from his soon-to-be neutered boyfriend's arm and smacked Jack hard on the back of the head.  The pissed off coffee master stormed toward Jack's office, not noticing the manuscript slip from its home.

Jack rubbed the back of his head sure that there was going to be lump soon. He was not sure what hurt more; the smack to the back of the head or the angry look from his younger lover. One thing was for sure, if he did not follow the consequences would be dire. 

The slam of the office door made all four jump.

"What did you do to him, Harkness? If you could die I'd be scared for you to go in there." There was a cross of amusement and tiny hint of fear on Owen's face.

"I don't know," Jack sulked to his office as if he was about to be punished by a sadistic headmaster. 

Gwen had noticed something drop when Ianto yanked the book from Jack and picked it up. Her jaw dropped when skimmed over the first page, "No bloody way. No freaking bloody way."

"What is it, Gwen?" Tosh tried to look at what was in her colleague's hand.

With her jaw still agape, Gwen turned to show what was in her hands: the handwritten manuscript of Glacial Nights, Inferno Days in the impeccable and distinctive writing of Ianto Jones. 

"He's Joani Stone?" Tosh was amazed and shocked. It took a second but she realized that if you mixed up the letters in Ianto Jones you got Joani Stone. Ianto did not seem like the type to write something so erotic and dirty. Especially the Ianto he was before he met Jack.

Owen took back his comment about Jack corrupting an innocent Ianto. The man was anything but innocent long before Jack got his hands on him.


"What the hell were you thinking?" Ianto tossed the first thing he could reach as soon as Jack entered his office. "I told you I wrote that book in secret. Why did you tell them? You are the only one besides the publisher that knew I wrote the book. You haven't put that book down since I showed it to you. You are acting like it is some joke." He never even told Lisa about the book. Why did Jack have to reveal his secret and make him feel like a total fool.

"Woah," Jack ducked the stapler that nearly missed his head. "I didn't tell them anything. It's not my fault your book made me and millions of women horny. Including Gwen and Tosh." Not that he needed much help in that area. "They saw me holding the book and recognized it. That's all. As for me not putting it down I'm just amazed at how talented my sexy boyfriend is. I mean I always knew how talented you are, but this goes beyond everything." 

He closed the distance between him and a hopefully less angry Ianto. "And besides," Jack started to nibble on the soft flesh of Ianto's ear. "Your book has many great ideas." His lips traveled down the young man's neck. "There was this one thing on page one twenty four that I was thinking we could adapt to try out for ourselves."

"I thought you'd prefer what is on page three nineteen."

Tags: humor, jack, janto, sex god!ianto, teamfic, torchwood

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