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Missing Scene: Sleeper

Title: Missing Scene: Sleeper
Author: iantojjackh
Characters: Ianto and Owen w/mention of Jack
Rating: PG (some swearing and lewdness)
Summary: "Let's all have sex," says Owen, but is he a man of his word?
Warnings: These two just love each other *grin*
Spoilers: A missing scene from Sleeper
Disclaimer: See profile.
Notes: Ninth fill for the challenge. Written for tw100 challenge: Open using the prompt Missing Scene

Missing Scene: Sleeper

Ianto was in the mood for messing with Owen and even though the timing was all wrong and highly inappropriate, he could not pass up such a perfect the opportunity.

He cornered the doctor away from the rest of the team and using his ninja-like skills and snuck up on Owen from behind. Ianto snaked his arms around Owen's slender waist and pulled him close, "Were you serious about everyone having sex?" the words were literally purred and Ianto licked the shell of Owen's ear.

"Jack!" Owen yelled out. "Ianto's fucking with me."

"Not yet," Ianto winked and walked off.
Tags: drabble, humor, ianto, jack, owen, tw100

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