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Sometimes He Comes Back (2/4)

Title: Sometimes He Comes Back (2/4)
Author: iantojjackh
Summary: Jack wondered what stage of grief was hallucination?
Characters: Ianto, Martha and Jack
Warnings: None 
Spoilers: CoE. This takes place right after Day 5
Word Count: 1307
Beta: badly_knitted. You were a life saver with this one. Thank you. 
Notes: Written for longliveianto 3rd non-anniversary challenge, prompt #1 also fills bingo squares for longliveianto and hc_bingo. Yah, lunch time posting. 

Sometimes He Comes Back (2/4)

Jack did not want to be around anyone, so he could grieve in private. Never before in his long life did he feel this level of despair. In Jack's mind he truly lost everything that mattered and there was no way to feel whole again. Then when UNIT came looking for him, it felt like things could not get any worse. How were they able to find him? Jack had prided himself on his ability to disappear. After giving chase for a few days, the broken man decided to give in, thinking that UNIT might be able to put him out of his misery.

Upon his arrival, Jack was brought to the medical wing and was told to wait for Dr. Martha Jones. The thing was that Jack did not do waiting well and he soon sought out his friend to see what was so important that he be found.  

“Whoa, there,” Jack growled as someone walked right into him. “Are you okay?” He saw the man struggling to stay upright.  He blinked his eyes several times, thinking he was hallucinating as he knew that arse anywhere and from any angle. “Ianto?” His voice cracked, knowing his mind was playing tricks on him. Jack wondered what stage of grief was hallucination?

Ianto's back stiffened when he heard the voice from the video and then it called him by name. His heart quickened and his head started to pound. Consciousness was the next to go and he fell into the arms of the stranger with the hypnotic voice.

Jack's face went pale and mouth dry as he laid eyes on the unconscious but very alive Ianto in his arms.  Tears immediately started to fall and the stunned man sunk to the floor, cradling Ianto close to him. It was as if one of his prayers was answered and somehow his Ianto was brought back to him, a miracle. “Ianto! Wake up, Ianto. Hey, wake up.”

Ianto started to come to just as Martha came running toward her patient. He had never woken up in the arms of another man before and yet there was something comforting and almost familiar about it. The tears confused him. Did this man know him? Was he one of the people from Cardiff that Martha had been trying to locate?  

“Welcome back, gorgeous,” Jack whispered, his face bright with a wide smile. “Is this why you were looking for me? You brought him back to me.”

Ianto's eyes grew wide and he looked to Martha, who looked right pissed at him for leaving his room. “I needed to get out. I thought a walk might help me to remember something.” His body instinctively moved closer to Jack, feeling like he was a perfect fit for the arms that held him close. 

Martha saw Jack's face go from jubilant to crestfallen in a split second. “Jack, I can explain.”

“Explain?” Jack's voice cracked. There was a lot that needed explanation, like why the man that died in his arms almost a week ago was very much alive and had no obvious recollection of him.  

“You!” Ianto pointed to Jack. He did not quite understand the expression on his face. It was a mix of joy and profound sadness. “I heard you on the video. I'm sorry.”

Jack was very perplexed, “Sorry? Sorry for what?” He wondered what video Ianto was talking about. He couldn't possibly mean what happened at Thames House.

“You lost someone you loved a great deal. I'm sorry for that. I'm sure dealing with me is the last thing you need right now. But you did know me from Cardiff?” Ianto felt a knot in his stomach as he tried to break loose of the tight grip Jack had on him.

Jack looked at Martha and squeezed his eyes shut to hide the tears that were desperate to fall. 

“I know you from Cardiff.” His voice cracked ever so slightly. He did not know what was worse; that he never told Ianto how he really felt or that Ianto knew how he felt but had no idea he was talking about him. 

“Let's get you back to your room,” Martha jumped in seeing the pain on Jack's face. The last time she had seen the couple, almost six months ago, she saw how serious things were getting between them and wondered how much more serious they had gotten. 

Ianto slowly got to his feet and leaned into Jack for support. He could feel the other man's muscles tense up more than they were already. Soon it was Ianto's turn for his muscles to tense as Jack's hand accidentally brushed against the bare skin of his hip, where his shirt had ridden up, in an attempt to keep him steady. The confused man certainly did not expect a reaction between his legs.
Ianto cleared his throat. “Erm, I think I can make it on my own, Jack. Your name is Jack, right?” He needed to break contact before his growing erection became noticeable. Ianto was further thrown into chaos wondering how a simple and innocent gesture could turn him on. Sure, there had been men he had been attracted to before but Ianto never acted on those feelings. 

“I don't think so.” Jack let go of Ianto for a second to prove his point and was not shocked to have Ianto fall against him, but he was shocked by the arousal coming from him. 'The head might forget, but the body doesn't.' It took all his willpower not to make the suggestive flirty comeback he would have made to his lover under normal circumstances. “Let's just keep moving.” Jack tried to keep his mind off what he felt and what he was starting to feel. 

Jack did his best to not look at Ianto as he and Martha brought him back to his room. The immortal man was relieved when Martha said they had some questions for him. Jack needed answers as to why Ianto was suddenly alive and mostly well. It turned out that UNIT had the same questions that he had. No one could explain why Ianto was once again among the living and why the last thing he remembered was trying to escape Canary Wharf.

Martha was the one who asked the question that everyone wanted to ask, but did not: was Ianto immortal like Jack? Jack did not have any answer because he knew of no way to pass on his curse. She suggested trying to call the Doctor to see if he could figure Ianto out. Jack was not too pleased with the idea, wondering where the Doctor was during the whole 456 ordeal. He would not have had to lose Ianto and Steven in the first place if the the Doctor had been there to help. 

By the time the meeting was over it was nighttime and Jack could not help but to check on Ianto. Lost memories or not, he was still deeply in love with the man and Jack was slightly relieved that Ianto was asleep. He tossed his coat over one of the chairs in the room and pulled another next to the bed. It was time to set up camp for the night and Jack made himself as comfortable as he could in a hospital chair. It was always a sight to watch the Welshman sleep. Ianto looked so innocent and young, a stark contrast from the activities they usually partook of before sleep. How perfectly their bodies curved into each other...the feel of Ianto's breath against the back of his own neck. Waking up next to each other and the naughty ways they found to wake the other up.

“Please remember us,” Jack whispered and placed a loving kiss on the sleeping Ianto's forehead before he let sleep claim him. 

To be continued!!!  To Chapter 3

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Chapter 1
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