Stories from the Spore Drive (iantojjackh) wrote,
Stories from the Spore Drive

A Fallen Snowflake

Title: A Fallen Snowflake
Author: iantojjackh
Summary: Two Jacks meet in a bar
Character: Jack and Jack
Warnings: maybe some angst
Notes: tw100 challenge 270: Snowflake. The first one was smut now comes the angst. I don't own any of the things here. Not even the poem referenced and I have no idea where it came from

A Fallen Snowflake

Two Jacks from different worlds stand face to face, the years showing differently on each.

One, sad and full of loss. The other, happy and full of life.

"What do you call him?" Sad Jack asks.

"Snowflake." The other replies. "It's from a poem, but he hates the name."

Their presence comforting and ever true.
Their love is forever resilient.
They are always one of your chosen few.

"I know it. Fits my Ianto too." He forces a smile.

They are temporary and disappear.
Their absence is felt in memory aches
Of a dear one you had come to revere.

Tags: angst, drabble, jack, tw100

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