Stories from the Spore Drive (iantojjackh) wrote,
Stories from the Spore Drive


Title: Untitled
Author: iantojjackh
Summary: Keep your tongue in check and he won't hit you.
Warnings: past child abuse (sorry work brings out the angst...oh well at least it's lunch time)
Characters: Ianto
Rating: PG
Notes: written for tw100 challenge 291: on the run


When the belt came out it was time to run, but you can't really run with a cast on your leg. Welts the size of lemons covered a young Ianto's backside and good leg. Mother always made an excuse for her husband, "Keep your tongue in check and he won't hit you." That never worked.

The first time Jack tried to spank Ianto while dabbling one night, Jack earned himself a broken arm and a bruised left testicle.

Ianto ran and then ran some more and soon found himself at the grave of his father. "You can't catch me anymore!"

Tags: angst, drabble, ianto, tw100

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