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Just Give Me a Reason

Title: Just Give Me a Reason
Author: iantojjackh
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto and Jack
Spoilers: Set post-Countrycide
Summary: I'm not shagging you to keep warm.
Notes: Written for tw100 challenge 292: Billboard 100. Also this is a double drabble and the song is the title and it's by P!nk. And a very happy birthday to royalladyemma.

Just Give Me a Reason

It was a cold night in an open field and with nothing but a thin blanket and each other for warmth, Jack and Ianto huddled together as their bodies shivered against the biting wind.

The phrase keep your friends closed and your enemies closer was oddly appropriate for the moment. This little camping redux had been ordered by Jack so that the two could clear the tension that hung between them since that fateful night two months ago.

Jack made the first move and a tentative one at that. He gently turned Ianto's head toward his and pressed his lips against the not too receptive Welshman's.

"I'm not shagging you to keep warm. That is so cliched," Ianto pulled away from the kiss, realising for the first time how much he missed the feeling that kissing Jack stirred within.

"I don't want to get naked here for one reason: SHRINKAGE!" Jack boasted, scaring off some wildlife.

"Then why?" Ianto leaned into Jack, feeling the other man's breath on his lips. His mouth suddenly became bone dry wanting Jack to quench the thirst for him.

"Because I miss you. I miss us." Jack gave into Ianto's silent begging and they kissed

Tags: drabble, ianto, jack, tw100

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