Stories from the Spore Drive (iantojjackh) wrote,
Stories from the Spore Drive

Wake Me Up

Title: Wake Me Up
Author: iantojjackh
Rating: low-R
Characters: Jack and Ianto
Summary: Jack debates if and how he should wake a sleeping Ianto.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Just borrowing the characters for my own amusement.
Notes: Written for tw100 challenge 292: Billboard 100

Wake Me Up

It was one of Jack's more bizarre fantasies come true. Ianto asleep at the urinal with his upper body leaning against the wall for support, cock in his hand.

Jack licked his lips, enjoying the view and thinking of naughty ways to wake the Welshman. Office etiquette would have dictated...there was no office etiquette that dealt with this situation especially when you are engaged to the sleeping man.

Jack would normally have woken Ianto up with an amazing blow job, but after forty-eight hours of running around Cardiff, he simply tucked Ianto into his trousers and then into bed.

Tags: drabble, fluff, ianto, jack, sleepy, tw100

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