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To The Ends

Title: To The Ends
Author: iantojjackh
Rating: PG
Characters: Ianto/Jack
Summary: Jack borrows the TARDIS one night
Disclaimer: See profile
Warnings: Nice and fluffy
Notes: A comment_fic fill from today. Might be a little rough around the edges I hope you enjoy. For raktajinos's prompt - Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, one night he took the TARDIS....

The blues, greens, oranges, reds and yellows all swirled together creating a palette of infinite colours. Colours that could never be recreated. The sight is both breathtakingly beautiful and scary at the same time. One wrong move and you could get sucked into its infinite abyss.

Ianto stood at the open door of the TARDIS watching with child-like awe at what was spread before him. There was nothing that ever moved so much and he doubted there would ever be enough words to describe what he saw and felt. It was a visual siren song that lured creatures to become hypnotised by its beauty.

The Welshman flinched when a pair of arms snaked around his waisted and pulled him flush against what felt like the beginning of an erection. "Now? Seriously?" Ianto was furious but his voice sounded as entranced as he felt.

"Are you still mad at me?" Jack placed a kiss at the sweet spot of Ianto's neck.

"Yes!" Ianto's voiced wavered slightly. The angry man could not even blame his husband's pheromones for making him sound less than angry.

"I'm sorry." Jack tried another kiss and still got no response. "You don't sound mad." Now Jack nibbled on his husband's ear which elicited a slight moan and a tight grip on his thigh.

"Stop that." There was no force or anger behind the order. "You don't know why I'm mad do you?" It was so like Jack to make a big show, trying to ask forgiveness and not even know what he had did wrong. Ianto had to admit this was as grand as gestures could get. Who else would take their lover to the edge of the galaxy as a mea culpa?

"Missed our anniversary?"

"It's next month."

"I left my dirty clothes on the floor."

"You always do that."

"Missed date night?"

"We're married. We don't have time."

"I broke the coffee machine."

"You aren't allowed to touch it."

"I got Tosh pregnant."

"She would castrate you."

"Then what?"

"Nothing." Ianto laughed and turned to smile at his confused partner. He placed a soft and lingering kiss on Jack's lips.

"I'm confused. What are you playing at my devilish one?" Jack asked with a flirty grin that was reserved only for Ianto.

"You forgot why you were mad, didn't you?" The immortal captain's lips lightly brushed Ianto's, wanting more but not pushing his luck yet.

"Maybe," Ianto said sheepishly. "This is pretty amazing. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Ianto turned to watch beautiful abyss once more. He felt the call of the view's song once more. It was like a concerto building toward a perpetual coda, beautiful and graceful.

"I can think of one thing that is more beautiful...your face watching it." Jack held Ianto close as they watched countless worlds from a distance coexisting harmoniously.

Instead of the cliché of making love under the stars, the couple made love among the stars. If they were lucky their heat might give birth to a few new stars.

Tags: comment_fic, fluff, ianto, jack

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