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Twitter length fics

Twitter length fics was today's theme over at comment_fic .  What kind of story can be told in 140 characters? You'd be surprised. I'll confess that two of them might have gone over by a few characters. 


First up; prompt was: Torchwood, any, hug

It all started with a hug that lasted a second too long. Then came a kiss on the cheek and soon on the lips. Two souls were bound for eternity.


Second prompt: Torchwood, Jack/Ianto, short and sweet

A gentle squeeze of the hand. A small reassuring smile. The world is crumbling around them. A quick peck on the lips and everything is okay.


Third prompt: Any, any, weep

His body lays there on the cold floor so pale and devoid of life. Heaven gained another angel. All Jack could do was weep for the loss of his.

Tags: comment_fic, drabble, ianto, jack, torchwood

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