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Stories from the Hub

Where Janto Lives Forever: Happily Ignoring CoE

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Stories from the Spore Drive
Standard disclaimer for all my fics: The characters don't belong to me. I just enjoy playing with them. However, all OCs in my stories are of my own creation as well as the plot. No stealing them because if you do the karma police will find you. My stories are not to be reposted anywhere else without my permission unless you are linking back to my journal.

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I'm just old writer trying her hand at a new fandom. I've wrote Stargate: Atlantis fics for two years until life threw me a nasty curve and before that I dabbled in several fandoms. I have a degree in literature. The full title is Dramatic Literature, Theatre History and Cinema. I don't know why the cinema part is in there because I took one Film Noir class and that fulfilled the cinema part. Never made much sense to me. However, my love for writing was born long before that. So I've been writing on and off for more than half my life. Sometimes my ideas are crazy, sometimes fluffy and sometimes both, combined. I never know where my muse is going to take me or what I see might spark an idea.

My latest obsession is all things Jack/Ianto related.

I hereby accept all nominations for awards and whatnot.
I will update as more ideas come to me.

All icons and banners were created by me from screen caps and edited in GIMP

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